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A stock or supply of materials, staff, and other assets that can be drawn on by a person or organization in order to function effectively.


Prism Color has them.

Our founding partners, Ron Krankowski and Ed Brown, continue to guide Prism Color with key leadership from General Manager Dennis O’Sullivan and Production Manager Kevin Martine. Our sales and customer support contacts are also ready to assist you.


Ron Krankowski, Partner

Ed Brown, Partner

Dennis O’Sullivan, General Manager

Kevin Martine, Production Manager


Please also connect with us on Facebook® and LinkedIn® to see the brighter side of our friendly team. It’s a great way to connect a face with a name. You can also read about industry trends while keeping up with news about Prism Color.

Our 40,000 square foot plant features an impressive array of technologies. Prism Color can handle all aspects of your project’s requirements including Prepress, Offset Printing from 1-color, 5-colors, 6-colors and 8-colors, Digital Printing, Bindery, Finishing, Mailing and Fulfillment. This diverse range of in-house technology enables Prism Color to be competitive on your long and short-run projects.


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Our Team

We encourage you to trust in our expert team for new concepts, suggestions, samples, estimates, and for every-day project support. From ownership on down, each department at Prism Color is staffed by experienced and supportive professionals who enjoy promoting the brighter side of printing.


Need reassurance that Prism Color can handle your printing work load?

Not sure if Prism Color has the gear to offer you a competitive price?

There is much to learn when preparing files that will be printed on a commercial offset press. Prism Color has specifications that are required to ensure that the files will print correctly.


If you are in need of general printing knowledge or want to know the basic specifications for print files, click on the icon to the left.

File Prep & Printing 101

Do you need a quick overview of proper file preparation and  general print specifications? If you are a beginner, this is a great place to start.

Before uploading your files, it's standard practice to place them in one folder and then compress or zip it. This will ensure a successful upload and keep all files in one place.


For PC users, click once on the files folder, right-click, scroll down to "Send to" and then click "Compressed (zipped) folder".


For Mac users, click once on the files folder, right-click and scroll down to "Compress". If you don't have right-click capability, go to "File" at the top task bar and scroll down to "Compress".


How do I upload files to Prism Color?

Once you have compressed or zipped the files folder, please call your Prism Color customer service team representative to acquire a username and password. If you do not know your customer service team representative's name, please call Kevin Martine at 856-234-7515, ext. 316 and he will assist you.

File Upload

Do you need to upload your project files to Prism Color and are unsure about how to do it correctly?

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